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“Ayurveda – Concepts and their Evolution” is now available for purchase worldwide

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The book may be purchased in the following countries through the links below.

United Kingdom
United States and the rest of the world


About Dr. Shantaram Kane

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Dr. Shantaram Kane is a Chemical Engineer. He earned a B.Tech from IIT Bombay and a S.M. and ScD. from M.I.T., USA. He worked for 26 years in several companies at senior levels in the management of technology and R&D. He was an Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at IIT-Bombay from 2001-13 where he was involved with research on Bhasma and Homeopathy. In his personal research, he has invented a process to make super-active natural product extracts in edible oil and an integrated therapy concept combining Ayurveda with Homeopathy and Su Jok. Using this, he has evolved a concept of socially sustainable clinics for affordable healthcare for the benefit of society.

The Series “Curiosity-Driven Explorations” is the outcome of the author’s hobby of Ayurveda that commenced in 1983.



Announcing the publication of “Ayurveda – Concepts and their Evolution”

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Pliny Publishers, Inc. is proud to announce the Publication of “Ayurveda – Concepts and their Evolution.”  The new book by Dr. Shantaram Kane will be available as a Kindle eBook on and its international websites on Friday, February 21, 2014.  Additional information about the book and the cover art are noted below:

In this book the author introduces the reader to the ancient story of sustained curiosity-driven explorations approach of our ancestors and how this led to a vast treasure trove of knowledge in the form of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. The author then provides a simple, easy to understand description of the basic concepts of Ayurveda, and how these may have evolved into a holistic therapy for human beings and also for animals and crops.

The narrative discusses important key areas such as the:
• Language of Ayurveda
• Evolution of Dravyagunavidnyan – i.e. properties of all natural products
• Evolution of process Technology – Decoctions, Asava, Arishta, Siddha-tailam/ghrutam, and Bhasma
• Evolution of poly-herbal formulations
• Evolution of food Technology and diet and lifestyle guidelines
• Discussion of special claims and products in the context of modern science
• How to continue with curiosity-driven exploration in the 21st Century