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Announcing the Publication of “From Herbal Oil Extracts to Affordable Healthcare: Curiosity-Driven Explorations Volume II”

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Pliny Publishers, Inc. is proud to announce the Publication of “From Herbal Oil Extracts to Affordable Healthcare.”  The new book by Dr. Shantaram Kane will be available as an eBook on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other sellers starting Friday, March 21, 2014.  Additional information about the book and the cover art are noted below:

In “From Herbal Oil Extracts to Affordable Healthcare” the author describes a personal story of sustained curiosity-driven explorations starting from a hobby of Ayurveda that led to a series of breakthroughs. The author explains the methods used by him during this evolution along with the integrated technology he invented. The author concludes by outlining an affordable healthcare model derived from these inventions followed by an appeal to join a curiosity-driven exploration drive.
The narrative discusses several key areas such as:
• Literature about innovators and their attributes
• Invention of the first super-extract and exploration of ,its use for humans
• Extension of its use for animals, birds and crops
• Evolution of super-extracts and combinations from all natural products
• Integration with Homeopathy and Chakra / Su Jok
• Technology details, quality control, precautions during preparation and use
• Affordable healthcare model
• An appeal to join a propagation movement.